Saturday, April 19, 2008

Apples... Sweet Apples..

I meant to start on apples weeks ago lol.. but something kept stopping me... Well, one thing kept stopping me. I couldn't get organic ones & I refuse to get to get otherwise for my daughter. Other fruits & veggies I'll let slide if I can't find it... but apples are high on the pesticide list & I'm not budging. So we switched our timeline around a little & I made the apples yesterday. I now wish I could have sooner because she loves them!

I thought about baking them... I love baked apples myself (esp w/ cinnamon!). But... the recipe didn't seem as easy as steaming... and it was my first attempt. So yes I decided to take the easy way out & steam lol.

Here you can see right before I started. We went w/ Gala apples because I saw that several moms were using those. They do look yummy & like I mentioned, she loves em.. but I think I'm going w/ a cheaper kind next time lol. It still worked out in my favour, but...
After washing & dicing I put them in the steaming thing on top of my pan & added the water to where it covered the apples a bit. I had to do two batches this way because it's so small... It ended out working well though because by the time I finished this first half my daughter was ready for her food.
Here's a shot after I turned on the stove w/ the lid on... I did stir the apples several times during this stage. I have no idea how long I cooked them lol, just until they were tender and falling apart in the water.
Here they are nice & cooked.. all ready to go in the baby food processor.
Ahh the baby food processor. Great idea, but very very small. It does work though. I managed to get the apples done in two batches per half (so I suppose that's fourths lol). I put in the apples & added BM... Of course, water or the juice from steaming can be added instead... as can formula if you use it (or have used it before).
After blending... Doesn't it look yummy?
I put it in my baby food trays.. each cube is a serving & makes life very easy lol. I only have two of these, so I have some ice cube trays I use as backup too.
Here I've added my lid & made a label. Yes I use duck tape! It works. If I'm using the ice trays I put a couple layers of seran wrap instead.
When they're nice & frozen I'll move them to baggies... Like I said farely simple... & this one was a big hit!


Steph said...

I'm glad that she loves her apples! An easier way to make it, is to cut the apples into chunks, place it in a microwavable container, add a small amount of water, and cover it. For two apples, we microwave for about 6 minutes. I just use the water from the apples to blend it with, as many of the nutrients from the apples end up in the water instead of the apple.

We use a hand blender instead of a baby food processor, but the same idea. :)

What all is she eating now? Alex eats bananas, apples, sweet potatoes, black-eyed peas, sweet peas, and carrots. We'll be working on butternut squash tomorrow.

Mama Kalila said...

Thanks! I'm going to take note of that in case we end up needing to make some when the pans aren't ready lol. I thought about using the water too & prob will next time.

I almost wish I had a hand blender... or a bigger processor lol. This one works well, but so small. I end up having to turn everything into mini batches!

So far Kalila is eating rice cereal (bleh), peas, green beans, bananas, sweet potatoes, avocado, butternut squash, carrots & apples. The squash was a big hit btw.. and oddly enough they are good mixed with the sweet potatoes. I got that off of wholesomebabyfood along with some other good mixes, all sound weird, but if it works... Next week I'm going to start oatmeal - I want to wean off of that rice cereal if possible lol. I did it first because we started her at 4 mo's instead of 6... w/ our next I'm skipping straight to avocado though. First one is to learn on though right? LOL