Sunday, April 27, 2008

I Want I Want

I should know better... I really should. But I did something silly... I looked at Pinstripes & Polkadots knowing full well that I don't need anything. Worse yet, I looked at diaper covers. Even worse... I clicked on the Blueberry covers. Why is that so bad? Well... they aren't cheap for one lol. They aren't even ones the ones that I'd really like to have, style or material wise. But... They have one called "Tanzanite"!!! They also have a Cheetah spotted one & a Zebra stripe. Put Afrikan names on something & I immediately want to have it... esp Tanzanite... They saw me coming. I'm going to be good though...

On a different note - I really need to make some more green beans. I probably could do with making more sweet potatoes & butternut squash too. I've been putting it off lol. Now that the dishwasher is in & working I really have no reason not too. Don't know why I am though... it's not like it's all that hard, or takes any time... because it really doesn't (esp the green beans).

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