Friday, April 25, 2008

Push Up Diaper Creme?

All along I'd planned to use my cousins advice for diaper rash. She'd used bag balm on her kids & said it was great. We got some months ago & used it from time to time & it did... Of course our daughter hardly ever had a rash anyway lol.

Well, with the cloth diapers came the realization that I couldn't use it anymore w/out possibly damaging them. I emailed the lady at Keen Bambino about it... She looked into it along with me. One of the ingredients we know is safe (lanolin) but we couldn't find out any information about the other...

So I spent some time thinking about if we needed any at all... She hardly ever gets any rashes anyway, even when she was in disposables (they stopped all together when we first switched to cloth). But I decided to try a small tube of one I saw on Keen Bambino -
Northern Essence All Natural Diaper Rash Salve - that I knew would be safe for the diapers. Didn't cost much ($3) and I had a coupon from the store I didn't want to waste lol. What hits me as funny is that it's in a push up tube.

Well anyways... It's a good thing I did. We started apples & apple juice... She loves them. But every time she has the juice, she gets a rash (Not a huge one, just a little red...) So I'm glad I have the stuff now. & it works great too. Smells a little odd (almost like menthol but I know it doesn't have any lol - my eyes would kill me if it did) but that's ok.

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