Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Unintentional Plan Change

I love the idea of baby wearing... I have for years. So when we started looking at baby stuff I talked to my husband about it. He doesn't like the backpack carriers (or any where limbs hang out) - thinks they look goofey & stuff. I was fine with that, I like the slings & ones more like that anyway.

We ended up getting one from Target. I forget what it's called, but it's a tube shape that folds in half... baby fits inside. Looks nice, useable, all that... Around the same time we were given one of those others, a hand me down. I put it away thinking just in case, we can always pass it along to another baby if it doesn't work for us. Honestly, I forgot about it lol.

So my daughter was born. I don't remember when we tried it exactly...but she was still pretty little when we tried the one I 'd picked. She would not go in there. Her legs were too stiff, she wouldn't bend them to go in... screamed, cried, I gave up. Unfortunately she still wanted to be held & I had no way to free my hands.

Six months went by & then I remembered the other carrier. So I brought it out & tried it. She fits! It was great at first... other than the fact that it's bulky in all the wrong places... But then I realized that my back was getting sore after using it for long periods. Then I looked at the tag & it says not to use it if you have a bad back. I have scoliosis - granted it has never bothered me before (other than the fiasco that was my epidural). So now I'm afraid of using it.

I've looked at other styles, had some recommendations of ones that would be better, more convienent & all that... but she's 7 months old now. Can I start baby wearing now? Thankfully she lets me put her down for good periods of time now... but she still likes to be held sometimes (usually when it's least convienent lol). Of course, I'm setting aside those options to look at for Youie or L'Nae... at least I'll have a better idea by then right?


Steph said...

You can totally start baby wearing now. Alex has just now decided that he loves it. Kairi didn't enjoy it until about 7 mo. What different types of slings have you tried or considered?

This book will give you some basic ideas for easy slings to make and wear. I also really like HotSlings-- easy to use, super comfy, great material, but they are a little expensive so I tend to make my own out of just real long strips of material.

Mama Kalila said...

What book? I'm confused...

I just looked & our first (that she won't use) is a hotsling.. The other is baby bjorn.

I've heard some of the ring ones recommended (but good grief are they expensive) & I don't remember what else at the moment lol.

Steph said...

I tried to post the link, but it didn't work. I'll put the link to the book in my blog.

When you used the hotsling, how many different positions did you try? It may take a few different tries to find a way that she feels comfortable in them. Alex's favorite carry in the hotsling is the hip carry b/c then he feels more like I'm holding him and less like he's being cradled.

I've heard of something similar to the baby bjorn that's supposed to be more ergonomic. off to google ... :)

Ring slings ARE expensive! I've never tried one b/c I was too afraid to spend the money on something that I might not be able to use.

My favorite are just long wraps. I take a 4-6 yard length of material, and use that to make a wrap. The book that I'll link in my blog gives a great example on how to do it.

Mama Kalila said...

I tried all of the positions in the booklet. Her fav (as an older baby) is the hip hold like you mentioned... but it's really hard to get her in. She's a chunk & stubborn to boot.