Monday, May 19, 2008

The Almost Wipes

Once upon a time there was a surprise baby shower. The mother to be received many gifts, over half of which were bibs. She wasn't sure that she would need 782739247 bibs so she thought to exchange a few - as 543293 should be enough for one small baby. However this was not meant to be... First an evil dragon stole the packaging, leaving the mother no way to even know where they came from let alone return them. Then news came from a far off land that these bibs were poisoned and cannot be used. Thankfully 32342 bibs were able to be saved... But the mother did not know what to do with the others. Some told her to throw them away... but she just could not bring herself to do it.

Months went by and the little one was born... It wasn't long before the mother saw the error of her ways. The gift givers were right, she did need that many bibs and possibly a few hundred more... but she made do with the few that were safe.

Life continued on until the mother decided she'd had enough of tossing diapers out right and left, and went to ones she could reuse. With these new diapers came new wipes... made from washclothes of a deeply disturbing colour. Once again she found that she could use a few more...

Not long after she started to clean her kingdom and found those poisoned bibs. A lightbulb flickered... maybe she could take the poisoned backing off the bibs and make them into wipes! She became so excited about this prospect. She quickly set to work... and found that the bibs held thier shape quite unexpectedly...

And now the mother has a big delimma - to use them as bibs or wipes? Some for one, and some the other?

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