Saturday, May 10, 2008

cradle cap

we went to run errands today and afterwards i was holding kalila while jason filled gas... i looked down and saw flakes in her hair... looked closer and i'm pretty sure it's cradle cap. is what it looks like anyway. thankfully i already knew about it, so not freaking out or anything.

i looked up some things to help with it until it goes away... most of what i've seen is rubbing in oil, brushing out and then shampoo.. easy enough to do. i saw several different kinds of oil recommended, but i think i'm going to go w/ castor oil. it will do the same thing and i know for a fact that it makes hair grow lol... they rub it on baby's heads in india for that purpose, and i've done it on mine before. it really works. of course is not really important, but i will admit i'm looking forward to her having longer hair for me to play with and stuff. not that i'm complaining lol... we've already noticed it growing on it's own, her bald spot is gone and it's long enough for her to grab and pull lol.

anyways, back to the original subject. i was wondering if anyone has any other home remidies or dr's suggestions for cradle cap.. experiences.. etc. i know it's supposed to go away on it's own, but still...


Steph said...

The recommendation I heard was to put vaseline on the head and then wash it really well.

All I did was to make sure that I scrubbed it at least twice every bath.

It's really annoying, but I was at a loss about what else to do

Mama Kalila said...

I saw that one too. Plus baby oil, olive oil, almond oil etc lol. Either way it said to leave on 15 min (or overnight, saw that too) and brush flakes out w/ it in... and then wash well and massage the head while doing so.

However.. I did the castor oil like I mentioned... and the next day (because I don't want to use oil more than once or twice a week on her hair) I put breast milk on it... I've heard it cures other things so why not lol. anyways, brushed it out the same & rinsed. It is almost completely gone! I'm gonna keep it up with the two methods (like once or twice a week or so) for awhile just to make sure... but still, I'm impressed lol.

Steph said...

Using bm is a great idea! I used it to clear up his clogged eye ducts and for his baby acne. It really did work wonders!

Mama Kalila said...

i've heard of it for that too... plus a ton of other things. i've only done it for ear infection before now.