Thursday, May 15, 2008

i'm blaiming it on teething...

warning this mentions poo - so if squeemish you may not wanna read this lol.

i was just talking to my cuz about cd's and poo - lovely topic i know, but we're both mommies lol... and i mentioned how kalila is getting to the happy stage of becoming more and more solid. happy news for me because means i only have to shake in toilet lol.. but everyonce in awhile she still has the nasty ones everyone calls peanut butter... and of course as soon as we get off the phone i change a diaper to find just that - but on the runny side. it exploded everywhere. was nasty.

i got it taken care of, of course... really isn't that bad when you use the shower head over the toilet - much easier than swish and dunk... ended up accidently flushing a wash-cloth in the process lol. oops... i still feel bad about that. but anyways...

the only thing i can think of to cause this explosion is maybe her teething. she's been really fussy lately too. had a bit of a fever a few days ago too, but is gone now... and she doesn't seem sick. i'd wonder if it was something she ate, but i'm really picky about what she does... i have it scheduled out when she starts each new one by what's recommended for which age and everything... and her latest one was today after the explosion. i know i'm somewhat obsessive about the food thing, but hey - she's my first lol and jas and i both have a couple food allergies apiece - and mine are pretty rare ones at that. i want to make sure i know if she is... which means it shouldn't be that. so i'm going with teething.

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