Saturday, May 24, 2008

The Magic Vacuum Cleaner

Alternate title: My Floor Will Have Never Been Cleaner

It's not easy to get Kalila down to sleep. Once she's out.. .she's out. Nothing wakes her up lol. But she fights it like you wouldn't believe. Sometimes I get lucky and she drifts off right away, or stays asleep after I lay her down if I was holding her. Sometimes she only cries a few minutes. I don't like it, but she's throwing a fit. We've figured that out... But I can't stand to hear her cry for very long (obviously would rather it not happen period, but...).

I'd say maybe we transitioned her from our bed to the crib (which she hates lol) too soon... but she cried when we laid her down with us too. She knows exactly where she wants to sleep - on my chest - and that's not happening at night (she's too big for one lol) and I have no sling (that works for us) to let her do it for naps. So we work on finding ways to get her down as quietly/quickly as possible.

Now, while I was pregnant people told me to run the vacuum while she was asleep to get her used to noise. Good idea, but my husband is loud. I got the whole white noise concept too, we played music for her.. it does calm her down sometimes... esp if we put on her Godfather's cd lol. But I hadn't thought of trying the vacuum as the way to put her to sleep...

I laid her down yesterday.. fit started to be thrown... and I went back to the cleaning I was doing... which happened to include vacuuming. By the time i had finished, only a min or two, she was sound asleep. I tried it again w/ her next nap and so on.. It's worked every time! Yes, I vacuumed my floor 3 times yesterday lol.

I guess it's a good thing though right? Not only does it put her to sleep easier (and in doing so saving my sanity) but w/ all the moving around she does, the floor probably needs it lol.

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