Wednesday, June 25, 2008

No Cry...

If you've read my other blog lately then you know we've been dealing w/ some sleep issues. Fun fun...

So I decided to buy the book The No Cry Sleep Solution. I haven't quite finished it (am at the very end) but do want to make a few comments here.

It's a pretty good book overall. I am enjoying reading it, more so than I thought lol. I read over half of it during one nap time! Would have finished by now but things have come up lol.

While I am enjoying the book, and basically like it... I will say that I don't like/agree with EVERYTHING in the book lol. For one thing, that's probably impossible lol. Seriously though... I would not sit outside my daughters door knitting so I could jump up and get her the second she cries! (yes that was in there lol) But that's beside the point... What I'm trying to get at is that it's a little on the extreme end in some ways.. .but she does point out that not every noise is true crying and such.

Also I realized early in that a lot of what she's writing about is not issues I'm dealing with. Yes Kalila has been waking up at night (from teething) but only once a night usually. My issue is getting her to go to sleep w/out bawling for an amount of time I am uncomfortable with.

But... there are suggestions that interest me and/or work for our situation. I'm looking forward to "getting to work".

Oh.. and someone mentioned another book that has sleep cycle information... This one does too! Is not in the same format, but has all that good info in there.

Friday, June 13, 2008

The Perfect Sippy

Ok, so really it's just the perfect sippy for us... But we found it!

Backing up a little... we tried the Sipster first. It's ok, but Kalila just doesn't like it much. Then we tried the Gerber colour change ones... They were a bit better, but still...

Now in the midst of all this we'd noticed that she does really well w/ regular water bottles, especially the ones w/ the sports tops. So we decided to see the sports sippy's that we'd seen. I found one at HEB the other day, and she absolutely loved it! So we picked up a couple more lol.

Monday, June 2, 2008

Lazy Lazy Me

Things are getting exciting around here where food is concerned.

Last week we made chicken for the first time... all I did really was bake it and then process it w/ a little water. Silly me got breasts thinking thats' what would be best, but apparently not - so we had to go back for legs lol. Note: dark meat for baby food.. has more iron and fats that they need.

Today I got to be lazy with our newest food... I am not making yogurt! We got the organic go-baby brand or something like that.. I mixed it with Apples and Cinnamon. I think she liked it... made some interesting faces lol.

Sunday, June 1, 2008

My Dream Diaper...

I know I mentioned it before...but I fell in love w/ the Blueberry minky diapers... They have cute patterns like zebra and cheetah and stuff... and my personal favourite... Tanzanite coloured! Plus I keep hearing great reviews on them... But there is no way I'm spending 32.97 for one diaper... Even if it is one size... When I win the lottery right?