Tuesday, July 22, 2008


I hope I didn't miss fixing the colour on any of the old posts... bad thing w/ changing the background is that it was really hard to see them!


Looking up cleaning recipes/diaper info I came across Borax. It seems to be in a lot of recipes and used for lots of things. So I thought I'd get some. Well, I ended up being forced too... none of the other detergents at WM work on diapers. I knew Borax was on the list, so I got it. Only prob is it says on the box to use it w/ your detergent... so I asked on Cafemom about it and only got one reply about how bad the stuff is (ie dangerous). I have family that uses it for everything, so I figured it couldn't be that bad. I get that it's toxic, but is it really something we should not keep around, or...

Saturday, July 12, 2008


Not that I need it just yet... (whoo hoo for BFing) but because Keen Bambino offered a 10% discount recently (and I didn't think we needed anything else.. Jas surprised me w/ those covers lol) I went ahead & ordered my Diva Cup early. I'd planned to use the few pads I have left until it came in, but I guess now they're just backup or whatever. No complaints about that lol. I'm excited about it though. I've heard it can help w/ cramps (gotta love those chemicals that can cause them) & I'm really hoping it does.

I Love Shopping

Well, I put myself on a new washing schedule... every three days instead of every two. I figured that way I'd waste less. Unfortunately a couple days ago (which was diaper day) I got caught up washing Jas work clothes (I have to strip them w/ dawn like you do w/ diaps sometimes lol... because of all the grease from work) & didn't have time to get to them. So I washed the next day/yesterday... Fine, I still had prefolds clean, not a lot, but enough for a day. Unfortunately 3 covers = none clean. So we had to resort to the Gerbers... which I know are not as comfy.

I told Jas about it this morning. I wasn't hinting at anything really lol. Just that I felt bad because if I'd done my job on time it wouldn't have been an issue. Well, my husband sweetie that he is, told me to buy a couple more covers!

Now backing up... I'd ordered from Keen Bambino a week or so ago (an item for me this time lol) & had a coupon that came with it. I was excited about it because the code was one of my family's names & I thought that was funny. Plus... I got a $5 gift certificate from her for having the store linked to this blog! So I might as well use them right? $5 & a 5% discount don't add up to a lot, but it took care of a little more than the shipping costs - which is not bad at all. I absolutely love that store lol.

And of course I can't wait for the covers to come. I got another Thirstie and a Bummi. I wish she had the other brand we tried, but oh well. These two were the cheaper brands anyway... and although Bummi was my least fav brand the patterns are cute. I picked a frog one this time.

I'd better go now... I've got a kitty resting on me who keeps trying to paw at the keys lol.