Monday, December 15, 2008

Knickernappies Disposanots

I'm gonna have to get a good pic of Kalila in this lol... but we had to order some diaper creme the other day... and KeenBambino had a great sale going on (after Thanksgiving!) so we decided to get our monthly diaper then too... These were on sale, so we decided to try one out and I love them!

The big disadvantage are that they aren't one size. The cost is less... but I'm not sure it works out when you need 3 sizes. I wouldn't have even considered trying it if Kalila wasn't big enough to only need the largest size now. It's also a little harder to stuff than BG's.

Obviously big advantage is the snaps!!! I love em!!! The lining is softer too... not necessary but nice.

I'm thinking we may put some on our baby registry next time along w/ BG's... but not really switching over lol. I do like it though!