Thursday, January 29, 2009


These were posted on cafemom today and I just had to share...

The first is just funny, to me at least... in a very sad way...

The second is a commercial in Scotland... too bad we don't have any like this here huh?

Monday, January 26, 2009


The other day I was discussing car-seat issues and the topic of Boosters came up. Granted that is quite a ways away for me... Kalila is nowhere near needing one lol. She's not even forward facing yet (thankfully!)

First off though... I'm a little worried about when it does happen because the car-seat we have turns into a booster at 40lbs... only 5 lbs after she turns FF. I was hoping to keep her harnessed for a bit longer than that.

Then... while discussing it the whole age thing popped up. I was told they can go in a booster as young as 3, but one government site online says 4. To me it's a moot point because every car-seat or booster I've seen has a weight limit on them. I had a comparison page already up and scrolled down to look at that section... and not one of them is made for a child under 30lbs (most are 40 and up). I would assume that it'd be like the FF minimum (where the child has to be at least a year old and, not or, 20lbs) it'd be a combination thing. I guess I could be wrong though lol.

How did, or will, you decide?