Monday, January 26, 2009


The other day I was discussing car-seat issues and the topic of Boosters came up. Granted that is quite a ways away for me... Kalila is nowhere near needing one lol. She's not even forward facing yet (thankfully!)

First off though... I'm a little worried about when it does happen because the car-seat we have turns into a booster at 40lbs... only 5 lbs after she turns FF. I was hoping to keep her harnessed for a bit longer than that.

Then... while discussing it the whole age thing popped up. I was told they can go in a booster as young as 3, but one government site online says 4. To me it's a moot point because every car-seat or booster I've seen has a weight limit on them. I had a comparison page already up and scrolled down to look at that section... and not one of them is made for a child under 30lbs (most are 40 and up). I would assume that it'd be like the FF minimum (where the child has to be at least a year old and, not or, 20lbs) it'd be a combination thing. I guess I could be wrong though lol.

How did, or will, you decide?


Steph said...

Really, I have no idea. I know that for now, she's in a FF seat that I think converts to a booster, but I'm not certain. I do know that it can't RF. Alex is still RF of course.

I know that at this age Kairi was FF but that was because we (read, Chris) couldn't figure out how to make her seat RF while on the side, where it had to be since Alex was a baby at this age. Really, I think he just used it as an excuse b/c he thought she'd be happier that way. I now have that same seat RF on the side of the car.

Anyway, I'm keeping Alex RF for a while. He's just barely over the 20lb mark anyway. And Kairi, well, I'm content w/ her carseat for a while.

Mama Kalila said...

LOL Jas was all for turning Kalila around as soon as possible... but he understands why I don't want to. We put hers in the middle of course, but in his mom's car it has to go on the side, so I know that won't be an issue if she's still RF when the next comes along. She's just barely over 20lbs too, so it'll be awhile.