Tuesday, March 10, 2009

I'm Horrible

I decided to stop writing on this one.. I'm sorry! But I'm not completely going away. I put all the posts from here, all my links, everything... onto my main blog (however I think I'll skip transferring this over lol . Yes, tedious... But I think it's worth it. I meant to put this up yesterday, like I did on the other one... I'm horrible I know. Just got too distracted to do it

Sorry about any inconvenience... I just don't have time to keep up w/ two blogs that keep intertwining as much as these two have been. It was a good concept, but... eh.

Anyways, if you liked this one (and weren't already on the other) feel free to drop by Mama Kalila - The not quite hippy, hippy mom

Friday, March 6, 2009

Charting Sites Anyone?

I'm so stressed right now it's not even funny... if it's not bad enough being sick... They seemed to have revamped hormonal forecaster, resulting in multiple problems on my end.

I couldn't log in... So I had my password sent. After several failed attempts got it. Everything is gone... All of my old data just gone. Granted I'm just starting a cycle so it's not a huge deal... but still is agrivating because I regularly go back and compare what's going on w/ previous months! Then something else started going wrong w/ it so I logged into my section of the comp (was on Baba's) and now I can't get back into it. Won't let me at all... and when I ask it to send me the password it says my email does not exist. So not happy.

So I'm looking at other sites and very open to suggestions. I've done the FF thing before and am not comfortable with it as I'm TTA still... it's meant for TTC only. I've found a couple others, but they're either TTC only or a Billings method only or whatever.

I managed to get most of my info for today into HF and think I can remember the rest until tomorrow at least... but still. Anyone?