Monday, December 5, 2011

Hypnobabies Toddler Sleepy Time Review

I was really excited about getting this script for Kalila... I loved the Hypnobabies childbirth class. I figured this would probably be the same.

I decided to go with the MP3 version because it was a little cheaper and no shipping... or waiting. I got it downloaded and told Kalila about it. She was excited too and we decided to let her listen to it right then to see what it was like. Was about time for a nap anyway...

That was a bad bad idea.  At first she was all into it. I saw her sitting with her eyes screwed shut, a smile on her face... and before I knew it she was running out of the room mad that she was lied to.  The story was telling her it was night time.. it wasn't night time.

That night I tried to put it on and she fought it.  Finally the second time through she relaxed and listened.  The next day she complained again. Begged to listen to music instead.  After awhile I stopped trying.  Thanks to that little preview the whole thing seemed ruined.

I was sad honestly.  The story is just cute.  A little girly.  I'm not sure ZJ will want to listen to it when he's older (but we'll see). Plus it was a Hypnobabies thing. I love Hypnobabies. I want to become an instructor one day.

Skip forward to a couple days ago.  ZJ was having trouble calming down. I got the kids in bed and told Kalila that I was turning it on and said it was for him and that I didn't want to hear any comments about it. She grumbled a little, but not too badly.  We let it play several times over and both kids went to sleep.  Yesterday Kalila asked me about it, and told me how much she likes it!  All the sudden the "fairy story" is a huge hit here. Its played every night since.

I guess she just needed time.

Saturday, November 5, 2011

CJ's BUTTer - Review

It took us almost a year (or over a year) to finally get a bottle of CJ's BUTTer. I wish it hadn't. We finally got some a few weeks ago during a promotion on Go Baby Go and I love the stuff.

Backing up just a bit... ZJ (well all of us) got sick a couple weeks before we got this. A stomach bug... complete with diarrhea. Poor thing was miserable and of course it caused a nasty rash.

Well we got this stuff in and in about two days his rash was completely healed. The texture is a bit different than most rash creams... it really does look and feel like thick melted butter lol. The smell... Well we picked Sweet Memories. It took me a bit to figure out which to try first honestly. The last cream we tried smelled so bad and was a main reason we wanted to try a new one. I like this one. I am still curious about some of the others, but this one is nice. And... ZJ likes it.

Now granted we have not tried this on a yeast rash yet (thankfully he is not prone to them like his sis) so I'm not sure how it will do for that... but I think we've found a new favourite.

Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cow Patties Pocket AI2 Review *update*

 Yeah, I know I just did a CPCD review not too long ago. We got two more diapers though and besides showing off the cuteness... I do have a few things I wanted to share about these.

Unlike our other diapers, these are AI2's. I've never used one before and honestly hadn't planned to. I wasn't really sure what the difference was, as I've seen several different descriptions online. Some use the term for something that just looks like a pocket diaper, some an AIO with extra space and some a hybrid system. I was a little surprised when I opened these up and saw they were AI2's... But then again I was suprised to see the diapers in the first place :-D

The diapers themselves:

I didn't get an inside shot of both, but I did get one. You can see where or how the insert snaps in.

What you can't see here is there is still a pocket just like the pocket diapers we have. I don't have extra CPCD inserts so I've been stuffing them with others we had already, I've pretty much consistently used one microfiber one and one hemp.

A few action shots:


I absolutely love them. The snap in insert does not add in any bulk to the diaper. The spiderman print is bulkier than our other diapers, but its the material used on the outside. No complaints there because it is stinking adorable and super soft. Both diapers are for that matter.

The inserts themselves are very soft as well... so there's nothing to irritate ZJ's skin. Another bonus. And because of the material she uses for the inside of the diaper if he is just wet and its caught early enough it can be reused as a pocket diaper. If we had extra inserts I'm sure that could be used as well, but we don't. Either way it still helps stretch our stash a little further.

Another bonus is that we've found these two work much better overnight than most of the pockets we have. We still don't use them much at night since they're way too cute for that, but I don't worry about it if we need to.

I'm still happy with our older diapers and have things that I love about each of them, but we've pretty much decided when we get more (is on hold, but Baba does have a couple in mind) they'll be AI2's.

ETA - I found out after I ordered some more AI2's that this is actually a "Pocket AI2".  I do like the regular ones (and will post pics of them eventually lol) but this is definitely my favourite.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rosary Winner!

Congrats Ashley D!

Sorry for the delay here (although it wasn't by much lol), we took a trip to the park and I hadn't realized it ended.

True Random Number Generator 3

Note: max was set for 4 not 100 lol. 

Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GroVia Shell Review

Many of you may know that GroVia used to be under another name and had a cover called the WonderWrap. I got one when Kalila was smaller and it went from something I didn't really care for to my favourite cover. I was sad when they stopped making them.

Around the same time they came out with these GroVia shells. A hybrid system. I have nothing against hybrid diapers, but I didn't really see a reason to try them until I recieved this one last May.

By the time I did, I'd learned you can use hybrid shells as covers for prefolds, which helped with that part of it. And coming from the makers of Wonder Wraps I expected to like it. I was right.

Yes its cute. I'll admit cute factor does play a part for me now lol. But it also works very well. We have not had a single leak with this "cover". Its very trim.  Note: because of the trimmness I fold a newborn sized prefold trifold and lay it inside similar to how you'd put one of their inserts in. Which is great since I have way more of those than any other sizes. And my favourite thing about it is the touch tape. This stuff is strong. It took at least 2 months for ZJ to figure out how to get it off. It holds up very well. And I love the laundry tabs with a "belt loop" type thing to keep them where they belong.  I do wish now that I'd been able to get snaps, but only because he's figured out how to get it off and I have to cover this cute diaper up when we use it now.

Disclaimer: I did recieve this shell free for becoming an affiliate, opinions are still my own.. not getting compinsated for them.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mama Kalila's Rosaries - Giveaway!

A couple years or so ago I opened a small online store called Mama Kalila's Rosaries that (mostly) specialized in custom rosaries. Having quite a few Mission Moshi rosaries left over, I added them to my store as well. Since then I've thought a few times about tweaking the store, adding other homemade items to it, etc. but just hadn't. 

Long story short, about a month ago or so I got a random order. One of those that happens right when you need it most. In honor of that order, and of it just going out... I'm going to do a giveaway here! And... I am updating my store. I've moved it over to Facebook (linked here) since the site I used before was more trouble than its worth. I will have more than rosaries in there eventually, but that won't be at least until January.

Sorry not the best photo, will get a better one asap lol. 

Rules: Leave a comment per entry. Please include your email address, if I can't reach you I can't let you know you've won!

Manditory entry:  Which colour rosary would you prefer? Black/silver, Black/black, red, white or blue.

Extra entries:
  • GFC follower of this NQH...HM blog
  • Follow me on Twitter - @mamakalila
  • Follow NQH...HM on Networked blogs.
  • "Like NQH...HM on Facebook
  • Tweet about giveaway (1x per day - leave link)
  • Write a Blog Post about giveaway (5 entries - leave link)
  • Facebook Share (3 entries - leave link)
Giveaway ends Sept 8th at noon (central). I'll post the winner soon after :-)

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Cow Patties Review

    I have a bit of a cloth diaper addiction. I say a bit of because I've never really done anything about it before lol. Baba keeps me in check... We really only get them when we need them (and usually on sale) or if I've won one. About a month or so ago I won a Cow Patties Cloth Diaper from Marni's Organized Mess... This diaper has changed things a bit for us.

    First off, as excited as I was when I saw I'd won... Baba was even more so right from the beginning. Why? We chose the Batman print. Before the diaper even got here, after seeing some of her others online, he told me that if I get prints like that (or World of Warcraft, Star Wars, etc) I can order more diapers. You know as long as we can afford it lol.

    Our Batman diaper came in and we both fell in love... The kids love it too. Its stinking adorable. I even love the black lining... for one thing it looks cute, but also there's no way you can see stains on this diaper.

    It really wasn't long after it came that Baba ok'd our first Cow Patties Purchase... As soon as she posted the picture of the Marvel print... So another cute diaper sent our way. And as much as I like the black lining on the first... I have to mention this one as well because despite the green (which I don't dislike, don't get me wrong) its even nicer. It is soooo soft. And easy to clean too.

    We already have one more on its way sometime soon. Captain America.

    *picture taken from her FB page*

    I'm not sure exactly when it will get here since my BIL is getting ZJ two more and we figured it might be best to ship them together.

    Obviously we really like these... but skipping past cute factor:

    They do work well. No leaks, no blowouts... They are easy to stuff (nice wide pockets). They fit my son well, although I am still getting used to the way the snaps are placed. Not a bad thing, just takes me a second or two more right now.

    The inserts are easy to work with. One long insert that you fold. I think I'd (personally) like it a little wider, but it works. And I do really like being able to adjust how they are folded for whatever need we have.

    The price is great. Even when you add the shipping cost on, its still less than most of the brands we've bought before. Not a huge difference after shipping, but still.

    But I do have to say I don't use these for night-time. I tried once with the Batman diaper and it soaked through. I don't know if I should have used more (or different) inserts or what, but I'm not really all that worried about it either. Baba and I discussed it the other day and we don't really want to use them for night time diapers. These are cute. We want to see them lol.

    I think the biggest downside (if you want to call it that) to this diaper is that its blown the whole Baba keeping me in check over diapers out of the water. He's not going crazy or anything, but still...

    Saturday, August 6, 2011

    Friday, July 29, 2011

    Vocal Point - Downy Unstoppables

    I joined Vocal Point awhile back and hadn't thought a whole lot about it. Not that I didn't want to, things have just been kind of crazy around here. My first interaction with them is kind of a case in point there...

    Last month ZJ was in the hospital and we were getting ready to get discharged when Baba told me that I had a Downy sample waiting at home. My first thought was the samples that were hung at the door and lets just give it to Gido. I can't use softeners even if I wanted too. When he told me it was a full sized container I was a bit confused, and a little sad we wouldn't get to use it. I came home to find out that I was completely mistaken.

    Vocal Point sent us a full sized sample of the new Downy Unstoppables in the Fresh scent. This isn't a softener, its a scent booster, so we decided to give it a shot.

    Note: Yes free sample to review. No not being compensated for this. These are my opinions here.

    I do actually like this product.

    One of the complaints I've seen a lot about not using softeners is the missing scent. This definitely helps with that. On the other hand, if artificial scents bothers you this would not be a good idea. I'm somewhere in the middle on this one. I love the smell it leaves on our clothes, sheets and towels (I will not use it on the diapers lol). But, I get the biggest headaches when actually doing the wash with it. Think of almost to the point of migrain headache. I wouldn't blame that on this specific product because I get the same headaches just walking down the cleaner or freshener aisles at the store.

    I mentioned the diapers earlier. I was a bit worried about how this would affect them even without using it in their wash at first. Softeners can leave film that can transfer and cause them to repel. What's to say this won't? My original plan was to feel the drum and see if it would need to be scrubbed off before washing the diapers... there was nothing there. I have had no issues since I started washing our other laundry with this product. I have also not noticed our drier having any residue on the lint trap... wasn't as worried about that since it goes in the water, but still.

    I also like that you don't need to put a set amount in. You can shake as many or few of the beads into your wash as you want. I try to go light, both because of the headaches and because it makes it last longer. Its been a month or so now and we still have about a 1/4 of the bottle left.

    I doubt we're actually going to buy more, but I'm glad we got to try it out. I do recommend it, esp for those who want the scent associated with softeners but would like to avoid them otherwise.

    Thursday, July 21, 2011

    Savemore Weekend Deals 7/22-7/24

    $18 for $40 or $27 for $60 Worth of Merchandise from Blanket America.
    Shipping not included but voucher may be used towards it.
    For every blanket sold one is donated to Charity!!

    $45 for $145 Worth Of Merchandise from
    Shipping not included.

    $25 for $50 towards exclusive pieces of the Tom Ford Collection


    Wednesday, July 20, 2011

    Save More - Hot Deals 7/20

    Today’s deal:
    $15 for $30 Worth Of Personalized Pillowcases & Pillows. Shipping not included.

    Thursday 7/21

    $16 for Two Boxes of Kids Clothes, Books, or Toys ($32 Value) FREE SHIPPING!!

    $20 for $40 Worth of Sanitizing Products from FREE SHIPPING!!

    Friday 7/21

    $18 for $40 or $27 for $60 Worth of Merchandise from Blanket America.
    Shipping not included but voucher may be used towards it.
    For every blanket sold one is donated to Charity!!

    Tuesday, July 19, 2011

    Diapers & Drivel - Amazon Giveaway

    :-D Diapers & Drivel is giving away a 5 dollar Amazon card this week in honour of (possibly) finding out the gender of her baby. How exciting is that?!?

    Monday, July 18, 2011

    Save More - Hot Deals 7/18

    Savemore Hot Deals running through tomorrow include:
    $28 for 11x14 Custom Photo Canvas ($65 value) FREE SHIPPING!!
    Or $37 for 16x20 ($89 value)

    $12 for $25 Worth of Movie Posters from (Shipping not included-$3.99 Standard)

    $12 for Four Aromatherapy Sticks ($28 value)(Shipping flat rate $2.49)
    Or $16 for Six Aromatherapy Sticks

    Deals coming tomorrow include:

    $25 for $60 Worth of Handcrafted Jewelry from (Shipping flat rate $5)
    Or $30 for $76 Worth of Jewelry



    Sunday, July 17, 2011

    Pretied Bandanna?

    Awhile back I mentioned SaveMore? I was able to get a couple coupons to Cover Your Hair for free thanks to that deal, still very happy about that. I've only used one so far... I got me a pretied bandanna and a small bow clip for Kalila.

    Here's the bandanna I got:

    Cute right? I love the pattern, even if its a little more pink than I normally like.  I love how easy it goes on.  The material is stretchy and there's elastic in the back where its sewn.  Its great.  The only downside is the material doesn't like my hair very much (or vice versa) and I end up fighting with it the entire time its on. ZJ is great at pulling it off of me too. I'm pretty sure I'm going to use the other for another gift card for a tichel (partly because of that) but I do like these. I'll probably try another material next time though lol.

    And while I'm thinking about it, I have to say (probably again) that I love this store. I ended up having a question during my order and they were very helpful. There's an im thing in the corner that makes it easy, in fact if they're on when you visit they'll prob pop up and ask you if you need any help. Its like actually going shopping lol. I like it.

    Saturday, July 2, 2011

    Save More

    I don't use daily deal sites a lot.. but they can come in very handy. I found a new one today that I just love. SaveMore. Not only does it look like it has some great deals (I LOVE today's lol) but if you sign up now you get $10 added into your account. Which is great any way you look at it.. and if, say, you're interested in todays deal... it means instead of getting 54% off of a a $15 voucher to Cover Your Hair, you get one completely free! With $3 to spare. I don't know how much tomorrow's deal will be (or others) but I'm guessing that free $10 will go a long ways in whatever you choose. And if you refer people you can get another $10 per person... so there's a lot of potential at SaveMore.

    Thursday, June 30, 2011

    Tuesday, June 28, 2011

    Mommcupation Bububibi Giveaway

    Between last week's events and remembering just why I don't enter the referral contests... I've had a hard time even wanting to look for giveaways lately. But... I found one I'm excited about! Unfortunatley it ends tonight. Eek!

    Bububibi. We have one of our own and I love it... So when I saw that The Mommcupation is giving away one (plus wetbag and liners) I was too excited about entering. Like I said, it ends tonight... 11pm PST. So if you want to enter I'd suggest hurrying :-)

    Wednesday, June 22, 2011

    Facebook Mommy Breastfeeds Book Giveaway

    I don't do many Facebook referral giveaways... but I found one today that I just had to enter.

    I think this is the cutest book, from what I've seen of it anyway and it would be perfect in my home. Unfortunately I haven't been able to get a copy yet.  So them giving away a free copy to the person with the most referrals by July 2nd was just something I had to shoot for.

    So... I would really appreciate it if you'd like them and leave a note that you're a new fan/I sent you (yes the comment is necessary).  Feel free to jump in and refer friends of your own and try to win it for yourself. Believe me I don't mind at all lol. Good luck!

    Sunday, June 19, 2011

    One Smiling Monkey - Thirsties Hemp

    I'll admit I'm waiting a bit impatiently for One Smiling Monkey to hit their 2500 fan mark on FB because they're doing a huge giveaway. I've been checking in as often as I can to see where they're at... and today I saw this giveaway already up (not part of the big one, but makes me happy anyway).

    One Smiling Monkey is giving away a Thirsties Hemp Prefold and a Duo Wrap Cover.  I absolutely adore hemp in diapers... so far only have it in inserts, but the thought of trying a hemp prefold... I can't even tell you how much I want to try one. The giveaway ends July 11 at 3 PST.

    Saturday, June 18, 2011

    Swiffer 360 Review

    Disclaimer: I was not paid to do this review... I did receive a free Swiffer 360, but not connected to this blog... It was part of a Facebook special they did in May.

    I looked forward to this coming in the mail for weeks. I'm not even kidding... There are several things I really do like about it, and I'm very grateful for it since it was free... but at the same time it wasn't quite what I hoped it would be.

    This is so not their fault, just saying... but my first reaction was disappointment that it was in the condition it was when it arrived.  I took this after trying to reshape the package some.

    This wouldn't happen buying it in a store... and it still works, but it did make the duster oddly shaped when it came out. I don't know if that affected how well it worked or not. I'm assuming not, but mention it just in case.

    I broke it out and used it pretty much right away... is why I'm able to write this now.  Like I said, I was excited about it.  The look of it wasn't great, but that doesn't always mean anything. It does work. It works pretty well.  I used it on my blinds (very hard to dust) and it got most of it off.  Yay.

    End result:

    Yeah... yuck. There is obviously no way I can reuse this at all... Which from Swiffer I should have known... I don't know of anything they make that is reusable.  I guess I was just hoping I would get a little more use out of it before it was trash.

    So it does work pretty well... and if you like the "convenience" of having products you can just toss then it would be a good fit. Or if you need to eliminate dust with as little as possible contact. I can't see myself buying another... but it did show me that I do want a real duster, I see potential there :-)

    Friday, June 3, 2011

    A Woman's Place - Snood Giveaway

    Very excited about this giveaway... is from one of my favourite blogs, A Woman's Place. She's doing her first snood giveaway from her new shop. I have no snoods and would love to win this. I don't see an end date on this so you might want to hurry! Good luck!

    Thursday, May 19, 2011

    Leslie Loves Veggies: Naturally Nora All-Natural Cookie Mixes

    I had a bit of a hard time finding a giveaway to post today. Not that there's a lack of good ones, just none that had blog entries.  I finally found one though and it sounds yummy!

    Leslie Loves Veggies is doing a Naturally Nora All-Natural Cookie Mix Giveaway. There will be 3 winners for this one :-) and it ends June 6th... a bit later than most of them I've been posting about lately. Upside of that is that you have plenty of time to get in entries!

    Good luck!

    Wednesday, May 18, 2011

    3 Princes and a Princess 2: Little Tikes 33rd Anniversary Turtle Sandbox

    I sense a summer theme going on here lol.

    Today's giveaway (or the one I'm sharing today anyway) is from the 3 Princes and a Princess 2 blog and Little Tikes. ->Little Tikes 33rd Anniversary Edition Turtle Sandbox Giveaway.

    Obviously the toy itself is adorable and I can just imagine how much fun the kids would have playing in it. Good thing there's a lid or I'd worry about the cats too lol. The price (for any who decide to buy it) surprises me honestly. I thought it would cost a lot more than it does. May just put it on my swag goal list if I don't win it... is only $40. They also mention that Little Tikes is partnering with the Sea Turtle Conservancy to raise awareness any everything (not typing it all out... is on the original post). If you donate to that cause you can get 8 extra entries (nice!), but there's plenty of free entries and the mandatory one is easy... 

    This giveaway ends at 11:59pm EST on May 25th.

    Tuesday, May 17, 2011

    GroVia Affiliate Program

    If you haven't noticed, there is a new banner on the right side of my page. Its for GroVia... links to their website through their new affiliate program. I learned about it on Facebook and while I don't expect to make any much money through it (though that would be nice) I am excited about it for a couple different reasons.
    1. They have a program going right now for bloggers. Anyone who signs up to do this through the end of the month gets a free shell. Remember what I said about needing more covers? :-D  I've made it all the way through the process and sent in my info for one & can't wait for that particular piece of fluff mail.
    2. While I have horrid luck w/ programs like this actually working for me, that doesn't mean it can't or won't.
    So.. if any of you are interested in GroVia products please please please head over to my banner or click this link here.  For anyone who's not a cloth user, they do have sposies and hybrids as well... Plus wipes, detergent and other fun stuff like that :-)

    I Love Cloth Diapers: Palm Tree Diaper Cover

    I have a big reason for entering today's giveaway... We're having issues with diaper covers here. I want to try some new brands (and even have some in mind) but we're just not able to right now... so a diaper cover giveaway is perfect!

    I Love Cloth Diapers is doing a Palm Tree Diaper Cover giveaway right now. The contest ends on May 23rd.  They're announcing the winner the next day... always nice to know ;-)

    I hadn't heard about this diaper cover before, but very curious now. They cost 9.99 which is a very good price for a one sized cover. Oh yeah.. its one sized lol. I know that can be both good and bad at the same time, but... I do like the OS option. Come in both velcro & snap and 7 different colours... including "bark" (brown). Silly I know, but I love brown diapers and haven't seen a cover that colour before.

    A few other nice things about this giveaway are: lots of entry options. they email out winners (you'd think that's a given but some don't), and you get to choose both the closure style and colour.

    Good luck!

    Monday, May 16, 2011

    Shining 2 Save - Slip & Slide

    Sorry I haven't gotten any of these up in awhile... gonna do better I promise! Todays featured giveaway is from Shining 2 Save.

    Shining 2 Save Slip N Slide giveaway ends on May 31st at 11:59pm EST... so we still have plenty of time to get entries in. Its for a SLIP'N SLIDE Rainforest Falls Water Slide & Splash Pool... for ages 3 to 6 (although she said its a bit small for a 6 year old) so I think it would be perfect here. Definitely worth entering anyway lol. 

    Good luck!

    Thursday, April 28, 2011

    Do You Think You Can Doopsy? (Video)

    That's right, Doopsy is doing another giveaway... and I'm very excited about this one. You actually need to own a Doopsy diaper to enter, but the first place winner gets
    • 6 Doopsy “R” One Size Pocket Diapers
    • 6 Super Doopsy Expandable Inserts
    • 6 Doopsy Bamboo Hemp Pocket Inserts
    • 6 Doopsy Heavy Duty Bamboo Hemp Inserts
    Second gets 3 each of above and Third gets 1 of each. Everyone who enters gets a free Doopsy Bamboo Hemp Heavy Duty Insert at the end of the contest. Pretty easy to see why I'm excited about this one right?
    So what do you need to do? Get a video of your little cutie dancing in a Doopsy diaper and post it on You Tube. The video w/ the most views by the end of May wins. Here's all the info if you're interested in entering for yourself -> Do You Think You Can Doopsy...

    It took me awhile to get a video (tried a good chunk of yesterday and a bit sad I didn't get it in the red one lol), but I finally got one of ZJ dancing today. Of course it was mid cleaning and Kalila kept trying to get in the middle of it, but still... I think its adorable!  And I would really appreciate it if you'd go take a look and help me out a bit! I'll apologize now, the link to this will prob be posted multiple times until then end lol.

    Tuesday, April 26, 2011

    Another Doopsy Deal

    "Buy 4 Doopsy OS Diapers - GET 1 DOOPSY "R" OS Diaper FREE!
    Use Code B4F1 at check-out so we know to ad the 5th DIAPER to the order "

    Wednesday, March 30, 2011

    Major Doopsy Giveaway!!

    "Doopsy Approved TRADEMARK Celebration at
    20% OFF all DOOPSY Products-Use TM20 at check-out-NO MINIMUM ORDER. ONLY DOOPSY PRODUCTS qualify-refunds for all others"
    Head to facebook for a great Doopsy giveaway. 

    Tuesday, March 29, 2011


    Completely unrelated to this post: Sorry I haven't had any new ones up lately. I've been swamped here and just haven't been looking at contests in general. I'm going to guess and say I should be back at that after ZJ's birthday, would like to sooner but realistically it probably won't be until then.


    I'm not 100% sure if the comment I just got was spam or not... Blogger stuck it in that section, but for some reason it still emailed to me (spam usually doesn't). It made just enough sense that I do want to address it (even if I'm not sure I want to pull it out of that folder).

    Anonymous: Maybe you may want to place a twitter icon to your blog. Just bookmarked the url, however I had to make this manually. Just my advice.


    I actually had a LOT of trouble getting my twitter account hooked up to here at all. I'm not sure why... Its never given me a problem before (neither on my old blogspot account or my wordpress one). I did finally get it up, but it doesn't show a nice pretty button like most blogs have. I wish it did. Really.  However... it does have a direct link. Its small... and at the bottom of my twitter feed. But it is there.

    Anyways, I'm probably addressing a non issue lol.

    Monday, February 28, 2011

    Kelly Wels BumGenius 4.0 Sweepstakes

    Kelly Wels has a sweepstakes going right now that I just have to mention... It's for 18 Bum Genius 4.0 diapers, a diaper sprayer (!!!!!!!!!!!!!!) and a pail liner.

    First/main entry is actually on her Facebook page -> Linked here.

    After entering head over to her blog for more ways to enter -> Linked here

    Sunday, February 27, 2011

    CSN Winner!

      We have a winner! 
    True Random Number Generator 18 Powered by RANDOM.ORG

    I would love to get this bake-ware set from csn stores:
    gina.m.maddox (at) gmail (dot) com

    Saturday, February 26, 2011

    Doopsy Giveaway!

    If you've seen any of my posts on my wordpress blog about Doopsy, you know I LOVE them... So I have to share this giveaway/deal I just found.

    "DOOPSY One Size Bamboo Velour Fitted Diaper $11 at BabyEcoMart - Use SAVE15 at check-out "
    If you're a Doopsy facebook fan, all you have to do is share the above and link back to it on her page. 

    Thursday, February 24, 2011

    CSN Joss & Main

    Before I mention anything new, want to remind you that we do still have the giveaway going. Its a few posts down or linked here.  Its open until the 27th so be sure to get your entries in!

    The other day CSN let me in on another great deal from them that I just have to share :-)  They opened up a new store, Joss & MainIt's an exclusive private sale site that offers exclusive sales on top brands and designers for the home at up to 70% off retail. Now their sales only last 72 hours, but there are new sales daily... After looking around on there, I'm even more excited about this site than I was before... they do have some really cute things. As of now (may be gone when you read this depending on when you do lol) they have some bamboo kitchenware that I just adore...

    To be fair I have to say that I was offered a deal for any referrals.  For every purchase you make off my referral page (linked here again) I get $15 store credit.  Flip side of that is, if you sign up you can pass along your info for the same deal. 

    Monday, February 21, 2011

    Dear Crissy - Kenmore Mixer

    I found another giveaway I had to drool over...

    Enter to win a Kenmore Elite Stand Mixer on Dear Crissy!

    This giveaway is open until March 7th. She gives a lot of entry opportunities (always good) so not only is there plenty of time left, but you can get in quite a few still.

    I'm sure I don't have to explain why I'd love to win this one lol. I've been watching Kitchen Boss lately and wishing I had one of these...

    Sunday, February 20, 2011

    Keeper of the Home - Naturopath Kit

    Today I found a giveaway by Keeper of the Home for a Naturopath First Aid Kit.  Wasn't quite what I was looking for, but I love the idea so I had to enter it.

    Short version, this kit includes 9 diff naturopathic remedies. Detailed instructions. Alphabetical list of conditions. And a bag of course :-)  There's also a mini kit and a bottle of Crisis Calm included in the giveaway.

    I'm not entirely sure when this giveaway ends, so you might want to hurry on this one! There is a discount code on it good until March 15th so that may be the date.

    On a slightly unrelated (at least to the particular giveaway) note.. This site has a slightly different method of entering that I really like. Instead of leaving a million comments, you fill out a form. All of the entry methods are listed on it, along with the links to copy/paste. It was very easy to enter.

    Good luck!

    Saturday, February 19, 2011

    Leslie Loves Veggies - Pie Crust

    I haven't entered many giveaways lately (just not enough time lol) but doing one of my own has me excited about them again and it didn't take long to find one that I really wanted to enter. 

    Leslie Loves Veggies is doing another yummy sounding giveaway.  Wholly Wholesome Pie Crusts and Shells.

    Like Leslie I am just not that great at pie shells... Ok to be honest I'm not sure I've even tried lol.  I do want too... but a bit intimidated. We buy them... and this brand (yay organic!!!) is one that I would really want to try if I saw it in a store. 

    So... all for entering this giveaway here. And if you are too... good luck! :-) 

    Ends Tuesday March 8th. Us entries only. 5 Winners... Winners posted here.

    Thursday, February 17, 2011

    CSN Giveaway

    I have to say I’m very excited about this… Not only do I have a new giveaway for you, but I have one from CSN for a $20 giftcard. Because I can’t just assume you know what CSN is, they have over 200 online stores where you can find anything from swingsets to cookware, school supplies or home improvement.  That equals a lot of options if you win this giftcard. Unfortunately I do have to add that this is only open to US and Canadian residents as CSN can’t ship outside those two (these two?) countries.

    So… for those of you who either haven’t done a give away before, or haven’t done one on my blog. The rules are simple.  Please (please) leave one comment per entry done.  I use to pick winners and combining entries onto one comment won’t work.  I also need email addresses in the entries or I can’t contact you if you win…

    First (mandatory) entry:  What would you choose if you won the gift card?

    Extra entries:

    One entry each
    • Follow via GFC
    • Suibscribe to this blog
     One entry each, details on left hand side of wordpress blog:
    • Subscribe to wordpress blog
    • Follow this blog via Networked Blogs
    • Follow me on twitter
    • Tweet about giveaway (once daily)
    Three entries each – post link in your entry.
    • Write blog post about this giveaway
    • Share on facebook
    Giveaway ends Feb 27th… (at 7 central time)both because it gives everyone plenty of time to get entries in and is a special day around here :-) 

     I need to apologize again for the 2 blog mix up. When I received the email about doing this giveaway I assumed they were talking about my wordpress blog and put the post up on there. As of posting this one comments on the first post will be closed. Those already posted will be counted.