Tuesday, March 29, 2011


Completely unrelated to this post: Sorry I haven't had any new ones up lately. I've been swamped here and just haven't been looking at contests in general. I'm going to guess and say I should be back at that after ZJ's birthday, would like to sooner but realistically it probably won't be until then.


I'm not 100% sure if the comment I just got was spam or not... Blogger stuck it in that section, but for some reason it still emailed to me (spam usually doesn't). It made just enough sense that I do want to address it (even if I'm not sure I want to pull it out of that folder).

Anonymous: Maybe you may want to place a twitter icon to your blog. Just bookmarked the url, however I had to make this manually. Just my advice.


I actually had a LOT of trouble getting my twitter account hooked up to here at all. I'm not sure why... Its never given me a problem before (neither on my old blogspot account or my wordpress one). I did finally get it up, but it doesn't show a nice pretty button like most blogs have. I wish it did. Really.  However... it does have a direct link. Its small... and at the bottom of my twitter feed. But it is there.

Anyways, I'm probably addressing a non issue lol.

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