Saturday, July 2, 2011

Save More

I don't use daily deal sites a lot.. but they can come in very handy. I found a new one today that I just love. SaveMore. Not only does it look like it has some great deals (I LOVE today's lol) but if you sign up now you get $10 added into your account. Which is great any way you look at it.. and if, say, you're interested in todays deal... it means instead of getting 54% off of a a $15 voucher to Cover Your Hair, you get one completely free! With $3 to spare. I don't know how much tomorrow's deal will be (or others) but I'm guessing that free $10 will go a long ways in whatever you choose. And if you refer people you can get another $10 per person... so there's a lot of potential at SaveMore.

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