Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GroVia Shell Review

Many of you may know that GroVia used to be under another name and had a cover called the WonderWrap. I got one when Kalila was smaller and it went from something I didn't really care for to my favourite cover. I was sad when they stopped making them.

Around the same time they came out with these GroVia shells. A hybrid system. I have nothing against hybrid diapers, but I didn't really see a reason to try them until I recieved this one last May.

By the time I did, I'd learned you can use hybrid shells as covers for prefolds, which helped with that part of it. And coming from the makers of Wonder Wraps I expected to like it. I was right.

Yes its cute. I'll admit cute factor does play a part for me now lol. But it also works very well. We have not had a single leak with this "cover". Its very trim.  Note: because of the trimmness I fold a newborn sized prefold trifold and lay it inside similar to how you'd put one of their inserts in. Which is great since I have way more of those than any other sizes. And my favourite thing about it is the touch tape. This stuff is strong. It took at least 2 months for ZJ to figure out how to get it off. It holds up very well. And I love the laundry tabs with a "belt loop" type thing to keep them where they belong.  I do wish now that I'd been able to get snaps, but only because he's figured out how to get it off and I have to cover this cute diaper up when we use it now.

Disclaimer: I did recieve this shell free for becoming an affiliate, opinions are still my own.. not getting compinsated for them.

Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mama Kalila's Rosaries - Giveaway!

A couple years or so ago I opened a small online store called Mama Kalila's Rosaries that (mostly) specialized in custom rosaries. Having quite a few Mission Moshi rosaries left over, I added them to my store as well. Since then I've thought a few times about tweaking the store, adding other homemade items to it, etc. but just hadn't. 

Long story short, about a month ago or so I got a random order. One of those that happens right when you need it most. In honor of that order, and of it just going out... I'm going to do a giveaway here! And... I am updating my store. I've moved it over to Facebook (linked here) since the site I used before was more trouble than its worth. I will have more than rosaries in there eventually, but that won't be at least until January.

Sorry not the best photo, will get a better one asap lol. 

Rules: Leave a comment per entry. Please include your email address, if I can't reach you I can't let you know you've won!

Manditory entry:  Which colour rosary would you prefer? Black/silver, Black/black, red, white or blue.

Extra entries:
  • GFC follower of this NQH...HM blog
  • Follow me on Twitter - @mamakalila
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  • "Like NQH...HM on Facebook
  • Tweet about giveaway (1x per day - leave link)
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Giveaway ends Sept 8th at noon (central). I'll post the winner soon after :-)

    Wednesday, August 10, 2011

    Cow Patties Review

    I have a bit of a cloth diaper addiction. I say a bit of because I've never really done anything about it before lol. Baba keeps me in check... We really only get them when we need them (and usually on sale) or if I've won one. About a month or so ago I won a Cow Patties Cloth Diaper from Marni's Organized Mess... This diaper has changed things a bit for us.

    First off, as excited as I was when I saw I'd won... Baba was even more so right from the beginning. Why? We chose the Batman print. Before the diaper even got here, after seeing some of her others online, he told me that if I get prints like that (or World of Warcraft, Star Wars, etc) I can order more diapers. You know as long as we can afford it lol.

    Our Batman diaper came in and we both fell in love... The kids love it too. Its stinking adorable. I even love the black lining... for one thing it looks cute, but also there's no way you can see stains on this diaper.

    It really wasn't long after it came that Baba ok'd our first Cow Patties Purchase... As soon as she posted the picture of the Marvel print... So another cute diaper sent our way. And as much as I like the black lining on the first... I have to mention this one as well because despite the green (which I don't dislike, don't get me wrong) its even nicer. It is soooo soft. And easy to clean too.

    We already have one more on its way sometime soon. Captain America.

    *picture taken from her FB page*

    I'm not sure exactly when it will get here since my BIL is getting ZJ two more and we figured it might be best to ship them together.

    Obviously we really like these... but skipping past cute factor:

    They do work well. No leaks, no blowouts... They are easy to stuff (nice wide pockets). They fit my son well, although I am still getting used to the way the snaps are placed. Not a bad thing, just takes me a second or two more right now.

    The inserts are easy to work with. One long insert that you fold. I think I'd (personally) like it a little wider, but it works. And I do really like being able to adjust how they are folded for whatever need we have.

    The price is great. Even when you add the shipping cost on, its still less than most of the brands we've bought before. Not a huge difference after shipping, but still.

    But I do have to say I don't use these for night-time. I tried once with the Batman diaper and it soaked through. I don't know if I should have used more (or different) inserts or what, but I'm not really all that worried about it either. Baba and I discussed it the other day and we don't really want to use them for night time diapers. These are cute. We want to see them lol.

    I think the biggest downside (if you want to call it that) to this diaper is that its blown the whole Baba keeping me in check over diapers out of the water. He's not going crazy or anything, but still...

    Saturday, August 6, 2011