Wednesday, August 31, 2011

GroVia Shell Review

Many of you may know that GroVia used to be under another name and had a cover called the WonderWrap. I got one when Kalila was smaller and it went from something I didn't really care for to my favourite cover. I was sad when they stopped making them.

Around the same time they came out with these GroVia shells. A hybrid system. I have nothing against hybrid diapers, but I didn't really see a reason to try them until I recieved this one last May.

By the time I did, I'd learned you can use hybrid shells as covers for prefolds, which helped with that part of it. And coming from the makers of Wonder Wraps I expected to like it. I was right.

Yes its cute. I'll admit cute factor does play a part for me now lol. But it also works very well. We have not had a single leak with this "cover". Its very trim.  Note: because of the trimmness I fold a newborn sized prefold trifold and lay it inside similar to how you'd put one of their inserts in. Which is great since I have way more of those than any other sizes. And my favourite thing about it is the touch tape. This stuff is strong. It took at least 2 months for ZJ to figure out how to get it off. It holds up very well. And I love the laundry tabs with a "belt loop" type thing to keep them where they belong.  I do wish now that I'd been able to get snaps, but only because he's figured out how to get it off and I have to cover this cute diaper up when we use it now.

Disclaimer: I did recieve this shell free for becoming an affiliate, opinions are still my own.. not getting compinsated for them.


Salma @ Chasing Rainbow said...

They are cute...well, his bum looks cute in them, lol.

Remember months ago when I asked about your opinion regarding cloth diapers?

Ha ha, I am just thinking about it now. I think we are going to do it for the remainder of the time that Rainbow is in "diapers".

I will be watching for follow up and advice from you.

MK said...

LOL Thanks!

Good luck with whatever you choose to do there :-) I really enjoy our diapers as crazy as that sounds.