Thursday, August 25, 2011

Mama Kalila's Rosaries - Giveaway!

A couple years or so ago I opened a small online store called Mama Kalila's Rosaries that (mostly) specialized in custom rosaries. Having quite a few Mission Moshi rosaries left over, I added them to my store as well. Since then I've thought a few times about tweaking the store, adding other homemade items to it, etc. but just hadn't. 

Long story short, about a month ago or so I got a random order. One of those that happens right when you need it most. In honor of that order, and of it just going out... I'm going to do a giveaway here! And... I am updating my store. I've moved it over to Facebook (linked here) since the site I used before was more trouble than its worth. I will have more than rosaries in there eventually, but that won't be at least until January.

Sorry not the best photo, will get a better one asap lol. 

Rules: Leave a comment per entry. Please include your email address, if I can't reach you I can't let you know you've won!

Manditory entry:  Which colour rosary would you prefer? Black/silver, Black/black, red, white or blue.

Extra entries:
  • GFC follower of this NQH...HM blog
  • Follow me on Twitter - @mamakalila
  • Follow NQH...HM on Networked blogs.
  • "Like NQH...HM on Facebook
  • Tweet about giveaway (1x per day - leave link)
  • Write a Blog Post about giveaway (5 entries - leave link)
  • Facebook Share (3 entries - leave link)
Giveaway ends Sept 8th at noon (central). I'll post the winner soon after :-)


    Ten Brown said... !! do you do knotted rosaries?

    Anonymous said...

    Christy Watkins

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    Ashley DeBellis

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