Wednesday, September 14, 2011

Cow Patties Pocket AI2 Review *update*

 Yeah, I know I just did a CPCD review not too long ago. We got two more diapers though and besides showing off the cuteness... I do have a few things I wanted to share about these.

Unlike our other diapers, these are AI2's. I've never used one before and honestly hadn't planned to. I wasn't really sure what the difference was, as I've seen several different descriptions online. Some use the term for something that just looks like a pocket diaper, some an AIO with extra space and some a hybrid system. I was a little surprised when I opened these up and saw they were AI2's... But then again I was suprised to see the diapers in the first place :-D

The diapers themselves:

I didn't get an inside shot of both, but I did get one. You can see where or how the insert snaps in.

What you can't see here is there is still a pocket just like the pocket diapers we have. I don't have extra CPCD inserts so I've been stuffing them with others we had already, I've pretty much consistently used one microfiber one and one hemp.

A few action shots:


I absolutely love them. The snap in insert does not add in any bulk to the diaper. The spiderman print is bulkier than our other diapers, but its the material used on the outside. No complaints there because it is stinking adorable and super soft. Both diapers are for that matter.

The inserts themselves are very soft as well... so there's nothing to irritate ZJ's skin. Another bonus. And because of the material she uses for the inside of the diaper if he is just wet and its caught early enough it can be reused as a pocket diaper. If we had extra inserts I'm sure that could be used as well, but we don't. Either way it still helps stretch our stash a little further.

Another bonus is that we've found these two work much better overnight than most of the pockets we have. We still don't use them much at night since they're way too cute for that, but I don't worry about it if we need to.

I'm still happy with our older diapers and have things that I love about each of them, but we've pretty much decided when we get more (is on hold, but Baba does have a couple in mind) they'll be AI2's.

ETA - I found out after I ordered some more AI2's that this is actually a "Pocket AI2".  I do like the regular ones (and will post pics of them eventually lol) but this is definitely my favourite.

Thursday, September 8, 2011

Rosary Winner!

Congrats Ashley D!

Sorry for the delay here (although it wasn't by much lol), we took a trip to the park and I hadn't realized it ended.

True Random Number Generator 3

Note: max was set for 4 not 100 lol.