Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Super Undies Review

*Disclaimer - I am not being paid for this review... I did, however, receive a free pair of Super Undies to test out.

Having a little one in the middle of potty training I was excited to see an opportunity to try Super Undies. I'd seen them online before and they sounded like a great pair of training pants.  Plus they're cute! I didn't realize they had so many products now, and there are several I would love to try.

I love their website too, they have several sections... not only ones aimed at their products but a kids section and another with video's on potty training and reviews.

I received a pair of the 2T pull on Super Undies about a month ago and they were just as cute as they look online. I was really excited to try them out on my son.

Unfortunately we hit a little snag.  He refused to put them on.  He refused to let me put them on him.  Major fits ensued. He's really my calm child so it really surprised me... but I could not get the things on him.  I tried again a week or two later and had the same reaction... and again another week or so later.  It just didn't happen. 

So.. what I did was test these out with a measuring cup. 

I started out pouring 1 oz of water inside... I could definitely see and feel the wetness looking in (not a bad thing for training pants in my opinion) but despite squeezing them together as hard as I could they did not leak or wick at all.

After taking that picture I added another oz of water (so 2 oz at this point).  When I first added it they looked just the same as before, but the second I put pressure on them water flew out the sides... I could also see some wetness through the front. 

This was without the extra insert.  I have not tested it out w/ the second insert... partly due to time crunch (I really wanted to try them out on my son and was holding out hope on that) and partly because I really don't see needing it in most circumstances. And I say that as a mama of a heavy (seriously heavy) wetter. 

So what do I think as of right now? I really like them... I think this will make a great potty training option for my next child.  I wish it would have worked for my son.  And I will definitely do a second review when I get to try it out for real :-)