Thursday, August 16, 2012

Thirsties Issues Take 2

One of the biggest things I rave about with cloth diapers (in my experience) is a lack of leaks.  We had major leakage issues with every disposable we tried with Kalila... wasn't why we switched of course, but still.  I noticed a huge change in that as soon as we did make that switch and I loved it. So when we do have a leak problem, it does not make me happy.

When we first tried Thirsties, with Kalila, the only issues I had with them were that they weren't quite as cute as the others we bought. This was back before they had prints lol.  It wasn't long though before they made their way to the top of my list and was the main brand I would recommend to anyone who asked about diaper covers.

Skip forward to ZJ's birth... I was thrilled that they went to the Duo Sized system. I liked our sized covers and they were still in excellent condition, but I was going to need smaller covers and since Kalila was still in diapers I would need multiple sizes period.

I had no issues w/ Duo Size 1.  They fit ZJ great, worked well, no leaks, etc... He didn't wear them for long (which we didn't expect he would) but that was ok.  Size 2 started off the same, but a few months (MONTHS!) in we started seeing leaks. I quickly figured out that the PUL was starting to crack and disintegrate.  Now the old Thirsties covers were still holding up. I wasn't doing anything different between the two and they were years older/more used.  *Not happy*  

Now of course I get that no diaper is going to last forever... except maybe prefolds (maybe only because we did have some have issues with a small number of them, but it took a lot of use before it happened) but the amount of time it took for these was just bad.  Other covers we got at the same time were holding up better, as well as ones we'd had long before...

Which is why we decided to go with another brand for any new covers this time... And I have to say (after this morning) that I'm very happy with that decision.

Those Size 1 covers that were hardly used (a month at most)? We've been using them with Keiran lately... I really didn't think they'd be a problem with such little use, but what happened this morning? I woke up in a puddle of pee... Didn't take but a second to see the problem. The cover was completely soaked through, PUL is cracking badly. I almost wish I'd thought to snap a picture of it before I got it off of him (except that I didn't want to leave it on him another second).


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